Compliance Alert - About Us

Bachir El Nakib, Founder /Chair Compliance Alert Forum  International Public Law, MBA Money and Banking, former AML Consultant to QFC Regulatory Authority Supervision Team, worked with global Banks Head Compliance Oversight and Combatting Money laundering and terrorism financing, GRC, AML Expert ACAMS Faculty, Think Tank in the Middle East, with 20 years track record in the Compliance  arena who finds simple solutions to complex business problems.

Today we face risks that didn't exist 20 years ago, some of them didn't exist a week ago.


Our Advisory Board is supported by a non executive distinguished experts committed to keep Compliance Alert on the cutting edge , the purpose of the Compliance Advisory Committee is to foster an GRC , AML awareness and expand culture of code of conduct and compliance by contributing to the effectiveness of ethics and compliance program through leading by example; bringing awareness to ethics and compliance initiatives; monitoring and continually assessing regulatory requirements and risks in respective disciplines; promoting ethical behavior; and sharing information and best practices.

Muhammad Baasiri (CPA) 

Muhammad Baasiri, (CPA), Anti Corruption Activist, two terms former V.Governor of Lebanon, Central Bank long and diverse experience with international CPA firms , Chaired Banking Control Commission (June 1990-June 2000), received formal recognition from the Lebanese Government for his service, IMF resident advisor to the Central Bank of Oman( 2001), first Secretary of Lebanon FIU (The Special Investigation Commission (SIC), His tenure with the SIC witnessed numerous accomplishments. Lebanon was removed from FATF’s NCCT (GREY), the SIC joined the Egmont Group. His efforts were also instrumental in both the founding and presiding the MENA-FATF (FATF Regional body),  Founder-Chairman the US-MENA Private Sector Dialogue. 

Ghassan Ayache (PhD Public Law) 

Dr. Ghassan Ayache, advisor to Bank Audi from 1993 to 2011 and Head of Bank's GCC Desk for several years, played a major role in the establishment of Bank Audi Qatar, served as a member of the Board till 2011.

Former V-Governor of the Lebanon Central Bank from 1990 to 1993. He holds a PhD in Public Law (Public Finance) from Paris West University Nanterre La Defence, France, lectured in Finance and Economics at the Lebanese University , Faculty of Law. Author of five books on the financial and banking sector, in addition to regular specialized editorials and articles on finance and economics. 

Michael Matossian, (CPA) EVP Global Head Compliance Arab former Examiner Office of Currency Controller (OCC) Regulatory Supervision, held senior positions in global Banks in USA in the Audit firms, Founder and Deputy Chair MENA FCCG as well as Vice Chair Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime and combatting money laundering - MENA Chapter. 

Salah A. Rustum, (MS & Phd) an Engineer in Aerodynamics & Aviation Safety. Chairman & President oCIELTECH LLC Qatar, Chairman and Founder of GlobalSign Lebanon, the Registration Authority in Lebanon for the Electronic Digital Signature. Renewable Energy, President & Founding Member of ITIA - IT & Internet Association Lebanon, Secretary General of The AL Marsad Association dealing with Cyber Securities affiliated to the Arab League Information Technology Department.

Linda Eagle (Phd), Founder President Global Bankers Institute Temple University (USA), Linda Eagle is skilled in: Insurance, Banking, Performance Management, Training & Development, Compliance, KPI, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Management Consulting, Risk, Governance, Core Banking, Education, Middle East, Business

Jihad Faitrouni, (MBA) Professor/lecturer Sorbone University (UAE), leader in Insurance Industry, Tech Committee (EIA) DIFC Member of ARISE - United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (Regional Office), Governing Council Member of the Insurance Business Group (IBG) Member of the Emirate Insurance Association (EIA) Member of Hawkama Institute for Corporate Governance (DIFC) - UAE, Member of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) – UK

Moyara Ruehsen (Phd), Director of the Financial Crime Management Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Professor Ruehsen received three graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins University, and spent a post-doc year at the University of California, Berkeley, her regional areas of interest include South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Professor Ruehsen also consults for the U.S. government, multilateral organizations and the private sector.

Meguerditch Bouldouqian (PhD), former V-Governor Lebanon Central Bank, Consultant Central Banking Supervision, he represented Lebanon at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank's Korea meetings in 1985 and the AMF meeting in Amman, Jordan in 1989. He served also the European Community External Affairs in Brussels from 1992-1993, as Central Banking Consultant in five Republics of CIS; namely, Central Bank of Russia, Moscow, Tyumen Oblast for restructuring SBERBANK, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Georgia. He is also a member at ICC Paris in the Financial Crime Risk and Policy Group since 2014.

John Walsh, (CPA) President-CEO SightSpan (USA),John is a highly regarded entrepreneur and strategist with 30 years of experience in the financial services industry providing expertise in risk management, predictive intelligence analysis, collective intelligence, crisis communications and security services. John has personally advised multiple board of directors, CEOs, CCOs and BSA Officers, Government Officials and FIUs globally.

Mohamad Ibrahim Fheili (Phd), Executive in Residence @AUB OSB, Risk Strategist, Political & Monetary Economist, University Lecturer (@LSU - USA @LAU_AKSOB - Lebanon)., former Advisor to the Secretary General and the Head of the Training Unit In addition to my participation in numerous training activities in the capacity of a Trainer. Research Assistant of Louisiana State University, Department of Economics C.E.B.A. 2107 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - USA Lecturer Present course work in the theory of economics (Money, Banking, and Financial Markets). Student Counseling Worked closely with students regarding their choices of curriculum, and careers. Research Assistant Assigned to deliver on various aspects of Economic Research.

Ziad Dalloul (BS), CEO/Chairman AFRICELL Holding, Africell mobile telecommunications operations in Gambia, Sierra Leone, DRC, Uganda and recently Angola with 11 million subscribers Dalloul is also the CEO of Lintel Holdings, the parent company of Africell, andaz its subsidiary, Africell Holdings.

Iman Ousseiran (MBA), CEO Laurel & Tercel, Principal Consultant and lecturer, Public and Private sectors, New Public Management Specialist, Corporate Strategies, Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Strategic Marketing, Strategic HRM, Researcher and Author of books focused on NPM

The benefits Compliance Alert can offer you:

• We are a sympathetic ear with whom your compliance team can discuss ideas and check their understanding and interpretation of the various Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regulations.

• We carry out compliance “Checks” and perform ongoing monitoring of compliance obligations. 

• We offer an independent and objective viewpoint.

• We cultivate and foster a smarter Risk and Compliance regime and culture.

• We provide non-threatening reports.

• We draft practical, comprehensive and realistic GRC and Financial Crimes (AML/CFT) Policies and Procedures to meet your regulatory requirements.

• We specialize in raising awareness Risk and Compliance training, which also counts towards Continued Education.