Compliance Alert - Consulting


Compliance Alert LLC supports its customers’ Compliance and Regulatory requirements. As an independent organisation we offer an additional line of defence in an increasingly rigorous regulatory environment.

The introduction of penalties, both civil and criminal, for non-compliance by a financial institution, a company or an individual is but one of the many reasons that make it necessary for financial organisations to ensure they have adequate internal controls and procedures to comply with the various financial services regulations in MENA region, and the conditions imposed on their Financial Services.

A solid defence strategy will carry you through any number of unexpected eventualities. Good planning, good preparation and a good defence are imperative in today’s highly regulated environment.
We work hard to provide solutions to issues before they happen – to cultivate a culture of compliance, to create solid internal controls and procedures and to draft workable and practical policies and procedures including compliance plans and programs.

Compliance Alert Consulting is a boutique business Advisory/Consultancy where the focus is always on delivering measurable results in order to drive long term sustainable shareholder value.

Compliance Alert Consulting specializes in understanding your complex business issues and challenges, and encourage you to not only see who we are, but how we can achieve astounding results through our mix of contextual, cultural and emotional intelligence.

Ours core value proposition is to assist its clients with identifying, planning and implementing operational performance improvement initiatives, in order to achieve operational performance excellence. Major benefits include:


We are able to provide clients with advanced research, analysis, reporting and access to insights on their industries, market segments, competitors, new innovations and bench-marking amongst others at a global, macro and elementary level.

Compliance Alert Consulting comprises a number of consultants with years of practical, hands-on experience including senior management positions.

Since Compliance Alert engages only experienced and highly qualified practitioners for its training, we are more than equipped to help identify, assess and solve most of your technical and operational and regulatory challenges.