Compliance Alert - Training


We offer ongoing Governance, Risk and Compliance consultancy and training tailored to your needs, to ensure that your representatives continue to be adequately trained and competent to provide financial services to your customers. Hence, you need to ensure that representatives who provide financial services meet the required training standards on an ongoing basis:

• Corporate Governance, essentials for compliance                                                                            • Introduction to Risk Management/Operational Risks                                                                        • Certified AML Specialists (CAMS)                                                                                                  • CAMS Specialist Preparation course                                                                                              • Anti-Bribery and corruption - 3rd parties due diligence

• Compliance Function in corporations and Financial Services 
• Trade-Based Money Laundering Techniques (TBML)
• Risk-Based Approach/ Risk Based Auditing
• Trade and Economic sanctions Due Diligence Controls
• Fraud Risk Management/ Forensic Skills in Detecting Fraud

• Insurance and Reinsurance Fraud Detection 
• Virtual Assets Red Flags 
• Human Resources Management/Management Skills
• Quality Management in Internal Auditing
• Modern Trend in L/C under UCP 600
• Islamic Basic Bank Operations
• Islamic Financial Services
• Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance